Cancer Zodiac Sign | Cancer Personality, Compatibility, and Lucky Factors

Cancer zodiac sign is depicted as a crab. Cancerians are possessive, mulish of their relationship, and making them extra defensive and staunch family and friends. Crab, the oceanic crustacean snugly weaves between the sea and shore, which indicates cancer’s ability to exist in both emotional and material domains.

Moon: The Ruling Planet of Cancer Zodiac Sign

Ruling planets are bosses of the zodiac. The ruling planet of cancer is Moon. It is the planet that commands our emotions, feelings, and every other thing which makes us comfortable. This ruling planet also confers cancer on its faculty to tap into their gut feelings with ease. That’s because the luminary symbolizes the sixth sense allowing cancers to trust their instincts without giving a second vague perception. Their sixth sense puts them in an unvarying state of self-consciousness.

Being ruled by Moon, cancer heightens your emotional dedication and knack more than others. Phases of the Moon also have a deep effect on your personality if you are Cancerian that’s why during Moon you’ll feel a stronger desire to rear and care for all as if everyone was one of your children.

Cancer Zodiac Sign - Personality-Compatibility and Lucky Factors
Cancer Zodiac Sign – Personality-Compatibility and Lucky Factors

Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign with a birthday range from June 21st to July 22. The natural element is water. In astrology, cancer is the dominant star of water trigon, which is made up of cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio. It is one of the sixth negative signs. The ruling planet of cancer is Moon. The Zodiac sign of cancer is crab.

Cancerian Personality Traits

Cancerians have many good as well as negative personality traits. Here we will discuss some Cancerian personality traits which make them unique so have a look!

Positive Traits:

Sympathetic Nature:

Cancer is considered one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac and is empathetic as well. They are able to really empathize with a person because they have the aptness to feel someone’s happiness and pain as it is going on in their own life.

Advice Givers:

Cancerians with one of their unparalleled good traits are on top as the best therapists in anyone’s life because they are super good to console them with their behavior and make them feel safe. They are good advice givers of the zodiac, and even if you reject their advice they will not hamper your way as revenge in spite of this they will support your decision. They are such sincere supporters that if you are in a relationship with Cancerians you will always have their attention in dealing with crises. They will never leave you alone t go through a strenuous circumstance.

Extra Care of Loved Ones:

Cancerians bring enormous sympathy and care to other people. They have matchless emotional intelligence and they know how to understand human nature to make people feel better and make them stout. No other zodiac sign possesses this unique trait except cancer. They are a homey type of person. They mostly feel comfortable at home with their loved ones. They have an extra protective feeling for their loving relationships. They can do everything for them which makes them feel protected and comfortable.


Undoubtedly, one of the notable cancer traits is their die- heart loyalty. It is hard to connect Cancerians with you at first, but once they’ve opened up they’ll be committed to you for your whole life. Perhaps, it takes a too long time to fully gain cancer’s trust.

Negative Traits:

Over smart:

One of the bad traits of Cancerians because of the crab’s tendency to be overly sensitive when it comes to criticism or even mild emotional situation. If you say something to Cancerians, you can rest assured they won’t forget it and will likely be dwelling on it for the rest of day.


One of the wildest of the zodiac signs is cancer. Cancers are well known for their instinctive moody nature because of the complexity of their emotions. They become happy immediately and jump from a sudden happy mood to a sudden sad mood. Their mood swings are beyond perception. When Cancerians feel sad they avoid bars and immediately seek refuge in their shelter.


Cancerians are often revenge seekers. They are in the hungry mood to get revenge, especially if they are hurt by someone which they particularly loved. They will only resort to a savage form of revenge if the matter has turned into a terrible state. They will hurt only the person who caused them to do it. In case of revenge, they become growing mama and papa bears.

Cancerian Compatibility for Friendship and Romantic Relations

In general, cancer is a water sign, other compatible stars are fellow water zodiac signs such as Pisces and Scorpio for love and friendship relationship. Other earth signs such as Capricorn, and Taurus have the same energy for relationships with Cancerians. Loyal cancers are extremely committed in their romantic relationships. They are generous in relationships and expect the same warmth and sincerity in return.

Crabs are usually happy in stable, committed relationships, but also love to enjoy the freedom and like to have occasional periods to focus on themselves. When Cancerians are committed and faithful in romantic relationships, they become willing to sacrifice their health or belief for the sake of relationships. So never lose these sincere zodiac Cancerians from your life if you had them, you are quite lucky!

Incompatible Zodiac Signs for Cancerians:

Fire and water have antagonistic relationships. They discard the effects of each other and thus are incompatible with each other. Fire signs Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius, as well as some air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, might be difficult to be compatible with Cancerians as they affect the sensitivity of cancer in various ways. They can reverse some good traits of cancer also if forcefully tried to enter cancer’s domains.

Lucky Factors Affecting Cancer Zodiac Sign

  • Lucky numbers:   2, 7, and 9
  • Lucky colors:    White, cream, and yellow
  • Lucky days:     Sunday and Monday
  • Lucky Gemstones:  Pearls suit Cancerians and are usually worn as rings on the small finger
  • Natural element:     Water
  • Zodiac sign:    Crab and graphical description as claws of a crab