Virgo Horoscope | Virgo Dates, Compatibility, and Personality Traits

Virgo is the sixth zodiac sign in astrology. Virgo Dates range from Aug 23 to Sep 22. Its ruling planet is Mercury. The element of Virgo is earth thus they have down-to-earth nature. The Zodiac symbol of Virgo is depicted in form of the letter M with a curl. M represents the Maiden circular nature of karma.

What does the Symbol of Virgo Represent?

The Virgo Zodiac Sign is usually represented by a celibate or Maiden lifting a shaft of wheat. This sign of Virgo indicates that they are busy like bees. Their zodiac history illustrates your liturgy both as an individual and in regard to mother earth. A divine representation of the assiduous, prehistoric belief that bees never sleep because they continuously work hard; it’s a crest of plethora and fruitfulness. As Virgo is an earth sign indicates the deity of wheat and agriculture, an association that expresses Virgo’s profound presence in the world of materials. Furthermore, their symbol shows that they are logical, practical, and well-ordered in their mode of life.

Virgo Horoscope | Virgo Dates, Compatibility, and Personality Traits
Virgo Horoscope | Virgo Dates, Compatibility, and Personality Traits

Mercury as the Ruling Planet of Virgos:

Each zodiac sign has a ruling planet, which influences how someone moves through life. Mercury is known as the planet of versatility and communication. Thus because of its ruling power, Mercury brings the ability t open the minds of Virgos in addition to this,  Virgos because of the effects of the ruling planet Mercury have the aptness to absorb and process information more rapidly than other zodiac signs. This infuses them with their curious, inquisitive, and intellectual nature.

Mercury is a fast-moving planet in the solar system that’s why   Virgos are led to be always active and in connection with new people. Mercury also influences very becoming personality traits of Virgo as a positive attitude, curious nature, adaptability, and communication skills. Symbol of  Maiden has various artistic talents that reflect a unique and exciting outlook on life. Mercury is the smallest and innermost planet in the solar system.

Virgo Dates

Below the tropical zodiac, the Sun passes through this region on average between August 23rd and September 22nd. Individuals born during these periods are sometimes called Virgo or Virgo depending on the astrological system.

Virgo Personality Traits

Virgos are logical, practical, and systematic in their approach to life. This earth sign is a perfectionist at heart and isn’t afraid to improve skills through diligent and consistent practice. The following are the main traits of Virgos:

Positive personality traits:

Virgos have various positive traits which make them unique from others. Let’s have a look at their traits:

Analytical skills:

 Virgos have a very clever minds they sometimes overthink and analyze everything which may even be insignificant to others. They notice every minor detail and have a strong analytical sense thus they can find solutions to every single problem no matter whether it is tough or impossible. They see things in black and white. Their thoughts are not vague they possess clear minds and ardent attention to every detail of obstacle which makes them eligible to find solutions for those problems that other people may miss.

Humble Nature:

Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus are earth signs and are always down to earth. Virgos are humble when they are not showing off. Their symbol of maiden is correlated with clarity and self-effacement so it’s not amazing that these are the most humble of the bunch. Virgos are affectionate their desire is to see the best in people they are habitually generous, soft-hearted, and always ready to help the needy. They never boast or exaggerate their skills.


Virgos are fiercely loyal or you can place them among the most loyal people. Virgos are well known for loyal relationships they give 100 percent and love from the heart. When a Virgo falls in love they show their heart through service to their partners. Unluckily, if ever they find their partner disloyal then it will be rare that they forgive them instead of it they cut off all ties without batting an eyelid.


Among all the best traits of Virgos care is very noteworthy. They are reliable companions who care a lot for their loved ones. They show their care through practical actions, not by words or sex. They are such a caring partner that they can clean your room in your absence because they wish to improve your life and cares for you the most.

Negative personality traits:

Like all other zodiac signs, Virgos also possess negative traits with positive ones. Here are some negative traits given below:


Virgos are sometimes lethargic and it takes a long time to get into shape than others. The main reason for their slowness is that they have a lot of data to collect before they are prepared to fall in love or get into any relationship. They are slow to recognize people in general.


Virgos are notorious for being stubborn. They mostly trust that they know everything well and are alright with their every commitment so they remain hesitant to alter or modify their ways or ideas. Virgos are also known as critical thinkers.

Temper issue:

Virgos are often moody because of their temper issue whenever they feel gloomy, their temper can flare up in a cold and calculating way. They may have an annoying mood sometimes and have the capacity to cut people down to the ground with their words and deeply hurt them with their criticism.

Virgo Compatibility

Virgos are usually attracted to those who help them learn, grow, and achieve a higher purpose. Here are the most compatible and incompatible signs of friendship and love.

Virgo Compatible Signs

Virgo including their companion earth signs such as Taurus, and Capricon, as well as other stars such as Cancer and Scorpio, etc, are considered compatible stars, they all and others make a good match with Virgo because they are caring. They are good partners for everyone. The best sign for marriage is thought to be Taurus while they prefer buddying with Capricon.

Virgo Incompatiblity

Some stars such as Libra, Leo, Aquarius, and Sagittarius are considered non-compatible for Virgo. Never pair a Virgo with Sagittarius. Even a pliable Virgo will become quickly annoyed with Sagittarius’s behavior. They never like Sagittarius’s lack of consciousness, the habit of sticking to a plan, and slow staying on task, etc. makes Virgo furious thus they are considered as most non-compatible stars for each other.

Lucky Factors for Virgo:

  • Lucky numbers:    2,4,5,8
  • Lucky days:     Monday, Thursday, and Wednesday
  • Lucky colors:     Blue, Green, White, Light  yellow
  • Lucky business partner:   Capricon
  • Lucky Gemstone:      Sapphire