Leo Zodiac Sign, Dates, Personality Traits, Compatibility, and Lucky Factors

Leos is the fifth astrological sign of the zodiac which have birthday ranging from July 23 to Aug 22. The natural element of Leo is fire. The sun is the ruling planet of Leo. The zodiac sign of Leo is a lion. These lively fire signs are kings and queens of the stellar jungle.

Lucky Factors of Leo:

  • Lucky gemstone: Red spinel or yellow sapphire help in evading anxiety, stress, and depression for Leos.
  • Lucky days:  Tuesday, Sunday, and Friday
  • Lucky numbers:   1, 5, and 9
  • Lucky business partner:  Sagittarius

Leo Zodiac Sign Indication:

Leos are indicated by the symbol of the lion. In Greek folklore, Leo was identified as a Nemea lion that was killed by Heracles during the first of his twelve labor because of its golden fur and was impervious to attack with perishable weapons. They are ecstatic to enclasp their majestic and royal status: Effervescent, histrionic, and passionate, Leo love to bask in the spotlight and memorialize themselves.

Leo Zodiac Sign, Dates, Personality Traits, Compatibility, and Lucky Factors
Leo Zodiac Sign, Dates, Personality Traits, Compatibility, and Lucky Factors

Leos are self-made leaders of the zodiac, as spectacular and conspicuous as the lion that epitomize their sign. Leos are lit joyful, and enlightened with their appeal and endowments. they are wildly proud and assertive. They love and live to the fullest rather than charge at work and home.

Ruling Planet of Leo

Leo’s ruling planet is the sun, the dazzling stellar body that commands life and enduring power. Sun never turns rearward and likewise, Leos are eminent for their stability, loyalty, and steadiness. Our sparkling and fiery sun is the great force of vitality power and inventiveness in our solar system. Thus Leos like to shine brightly and to be the prime focus, these all come from the basic fact that the sun is the most radiant force we can see.

Leo Personality Traits:

After a brief introduction to the basic zodiac sign and the ruling planet of Leo let’s dig into some interesting and unique personality traits of Leos given below:

Positive Personality Traits:

Here are some worthwhile and amazing positive traits of Leos :

1- Confidence:

Leos bloom in self-confidence and never gets timid from expressing their personality. Confidence is one of the famous emblems of Leos because they are a bold fire sign, but also they are ruled by the sun which is the dazzling star, as a result, Leos are also the source of light for the people around them, Leos because of their confident symbol of the lion are never scared to some after their dreams and objectives, they are always assured about their desires that what they want in reality.

2- Creative minds:

Leos are often overlooked for their creativity gene. Fierce lion’s confidence and their demonstrative nature is their creative weapon. Leos are naturally blessed with the ability to create. They are extant living examples of perfectionists, talent, and innovation.  They never seek out for unlimited resources to show their artistry they better know how to use those limited resources they possess in the best way for excellent outcomes.

3- Great  leaders:

Leos are natural-born leaders as they are represented by the sign of a lion which is the king of the Jungle and famous for its victorious attitude. In the same way, Leos are the prime focus of people around them they easily get attracted to Leos are respect them that’s why Leos earn trust in the workplace which makes them eligible to be the best leaders.

It is not a surprising fact about Leos that self-assurance, determination, and a liberal attitude are traits that most people desire and esteem. Their aura attracts people to them, and their matchless abilities inspire other people to trust them as leaders.

4- Generosity:

Arguably, Leos are the number one gift-giving zodiac sign to make people happy. Sometimes they seem to be showmen of the zodiac but never distract from the generous way. They always want to see everyone happy around them, especially their loved ones and they do everything in their faculty to make it possible.

Bad traits of Leos:

Here are some negative traits of Leos:

1- Egoistic:

Like their good personality traits, Leos possess some bad personality traits. Leos always expect to be praised and admired because of their unique qualities and foremost creativity that’s why they have an ego. They become proud and could not handle it when someone contempt them. They are never scared to hold a grievance. actually, their skills are extraordinary and they mostly go right, this causes ego issues which may hamper their listening skills.

2- Impatient:

Leos are often called impatient because if their heart is set on something they will want it immediately and never wait for anyone else to do that for their aid. They don’t like ” waiting around” just like their zodiac symbol “king of the jungle”  which indicates their ability not to wait just attack in this way they will make every effort to attain their desired things without any delay.

3- Extremely opinionated:

Leos are extremely opinionated and it is one of the major negative traits of their personality. Once they decided on something it would become hard to convince them to alter their decision. They firmly believe in their abilities and always feel that they are jack of all trades and are the best. They can never commit a mistake this misleading and deception of their mind makes them extremely opinionated.

4- Possessive:

Leos are undoubtedly one of the most possessive signs of the zodiac. You don’t need to date a Leo if you can’t handle a dramatic life. Leos veridically believes that they have complete charge of the heart, soul, body, and mind of the person they are dating. Leos are mostly tacky and possessive about their loved ones. They may be cold and distant with others, but when there’s something related to someone special, it’s an extremely different story.

Leo Compatibility for love and friendship:

In fact, all the fellow fire signs are thought to be compatible with Leos for romantic and friendship relations. They are Aries, Sagittarius, and other Leo fellows as they possess matchable heat and enthusiasm. Some air sign as Gemini, Aquarius, and Libra also has fast-paced energy and can have worthwhile compatibility with Leos. However, in many cases, Aquarius and Leo make a great pair because they complement and admired even the smallest efforts of each other.

Non-compatible signs:

Water and fire signs mostly seem to be enemies due to their entirely different natures which are antagonistic that’s why water signs such as Pisces, cancer, and Scorpio as well as earth signs such as Virgo, Taurus, and Capricon are mostly not attracted to Leos and thus are non-compatible. These are down-to-earth natured signs and never impart themselves in glamour and dramas that Leo crazes.

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