Aries Horoscope – Aries Dates, Personality Traits, and Aries Compatibility Signs

Aries is the first zodiac sign in the list of 12 horoscopes. Here you’ll find brief information about Aries Dates, Personality Traits, and Aries Compatibility Signs.

Zodiac symbol for Aries and why it is used?

The astrological symbol of Aries is Ram, a sheep with large horns. In the simple graphical representation, the symbol is depicted as the simple head of Ram. The symbol of Ram expresses the determination, energy, dynamic, adventurous, and impulsive personality of that guy. Here are some essentials of Aries:

Birth date Mar 20th to Apr 20th
Ruling planetMars
Element                   Fire
Quality                 Cardinal
Season                 Spring
Aries Dates and other essentials

Aries “Ruled by Mars”?

Actually, in astrological terms, Mars is considered a planet of action, drive and desire and when we say that Aries is ruled by Mars it encourages you to express yourself in creative and new ways. Thus Mars, a masculine and fiery planet has Aries as its own sign; so naturally, this position is considered positive for Mars. When Aries is ruled by Mars they receive incredible passionate energy from Mars which propels them to be the leader of the pack.

Aries Horoscope - Aries Dates, Personality Traits, and Aries Compatibility Signs
Aries Horoscope – Aries Dates, Personality Traits, and Aries Compatibility Signs

Aries Compatible Signs and Personality Traits

Aries Personality Traits!

1- Good traits:

In reality, everyone has good and bad traits, whether admit it or not, and the Aries zodiac is not different from them. A person born Aries with their “sun sign” has some awesome personality traits and some negative aspects as well. Let’s  have a look at the good traits of Aries:

1- Ambitious person:

Aries people are ambitious persons by the personality they never sit idle and wait for opportunities to knock on the door because they prefer to go out and make their own luck.

2- Leadership personality:

Ram of their zodiac sign shows their leadership trait. They know very well how to take charge of people and how to be successful.

3- Headstrong  aims:

Aries belongs to the firey sign ruled by Mars that’s why they are buoyant and stout in different situations.

4- Positive energy :

Aries have a lot of positive energy they have a belief that arduous affairs come in the life of everyone and they do face such unstoppable circumstances. They know that it is totally foolish to sit idle and waste time cribbing about the situation because it is not going to change that hard time that’s why Aries focus on their goals and try to overcome all the hurdles coming on their path to success.

5- Bravery:

Aries is considered one of the bravest sign of the zodiac and have an extraordinary ability to tackle problems and challenges head-on. They are not afraid of negative impacts if they are taking a risk rather they remain ultra-resilient during failure in life.

2-   Bad traits of Aries :

Every zodiac sign has some good as well as negative or bad traits.

1- Outbursts of anger:

One of the negative traits of Aries is that they are one of the hot-tempered signs of the zodiac. It takes not much time to irate them and cause outbursts of anger. The major issue of Aries is that they don’t know how to cope with their anger. They often got furious when things don’t happen in their desired way or when someone finds fault in their work. In such a state Aries never accept the suggestion of others.

2- Selfishness:

Aries have a concern about self-indulgence. when they decide to win something then they get up with anything. Once they decide to do something they will stick to it no matter what comes their way. Sometimes, they become heartless to the emotions of other people and consider themselves matchless as compared to people all around.

3- Impulsive behavior:

The Firey sign of Aries clearly depicts their impulsive behavior. They don’t waste time in understanding things because they quickly make decisions without considering their long-term impacts and soon they realize it wasn’t the best option. Aries are impulsive eaters and spenders, which is dangerous for any relationship.

4-  Lack of patience:

Aries lacks patience. These guys want the things immediately for which they make a wish without any delay. They are not good at keeping calm. They easily get bored with unvarying things and switch over to others, leaving them unfinished. These situations show that patience does not come to them easily.

Aries Compatibility Signs for love, relationships, and friendship:

Aries make good friendships with other dominating stars like Sagittarius and Leo, but for a love relationship, Aries doesn’t want their partner to have a controlling nature. That’s why the most compatible zodiac sign is Libra who is the most honest and has an extremely easy-going nature. Leo can be proved an ideal life companion for Aries because they both have an interest in the same things as well as appreciate the same things.

Non-compatible zodiac stars:

As Aries is an impulsive, fiery solo star( Mars ruled and headstrong) therefore they have the least compatibility with reserved earth signs such as Virgo and Capricorn and highly sensitive water signs such as Pisces and cancer. The zodiac sign of Virgo and Aquarius is the one who is considered enemies by Aries.

Lucky Factors of Aries:

The lucky gemstone for Aries in 2022:

As Aries is ruled by Mars. Meanwhile, the sun and Jupiter are the lucky planets of Aries. So to have the combined blessing of these planets, Aries in 2022 must wear a Garnet or red coral gemstone.

  • Lucky days:     Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday
  • Lucky numbers:    9 and 6 mostly
  • Lucky colors:   Red and scarlet including shades of pink